Our vision is for our experienced professionals and consultants will promote your business as our own.

About Us

ELAN GROUP LLC is[NH1] a private US-based company that helps clients improve and expand their global business relationships, enhance high performing and inclusive teams, and initiate new approaches to meet ongoing challenges of increasing productivity and maximizing revenues.

We are your trusted business partner between the United States and Arab countries to deliver the best products and services to and from the United States and MENA region. With a variety of resources, we connect you with the local subject matter experts who focus on improving your company’s reach, simplifying processes, and creating persistent linkages between your company and local markets.

ELAN GROUP has played a leading role in connecting high profile individuals, organizations, and government institutions to share information, identify and pursue business development opportunities. - our leadership has established a network of influential partners and strategic alliances throughout the US and MENA region.

Our collaborative vision is for ELAN’s experienced professionals to promote your business as our own!


“Our mission is to bridge cultural gaps and deliver understanding into cultural factors that may hinder reaching business deals. We offer solutions to help leaders, improve communication, collaboration and performance.”

  • Access to US-training analysts, data scientists, IT and security professionals.

  • Capable of providing MENA’s affairs coverage; presence in 10+ countries, covering Arabic and local languages, including Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, Turkish, and Kurdish.

  • Global vendor network; an exclusive partnership with an US and internationally recognized leader in Cybersecurity, Web Intelligence and Deep/Dark Web exploitation and Security Surveillance Solution.

  • We have expertise in international business development, global marketing, and strategic planning. We specialize in public relations, marketing, development and have experience in the defence, construction, manufacturing industries and general trades.

  • We are pleased to provide tailored intercultural/international marketing services to business-to-business manufacturers expanding from US to MENA as well as MENA companies wanting to enter the US market. Our team tailors your company’s content for the international buyer’s journey by translating, adapting, and localizing your inbound marketing for the MENA’s market. Lead generation for international manufacturers is our prime focus.

  • We enrich communication by providing custom-made cross-cultural services to a wide range of international companies and organizations. Our team of experts links you with your counterparts in the regions and we are capable of marketing your products via traditional and social media.

  • With a variety of resources, we are able to provide exceptional networking for our clients. We focus on improving market capabilities and creating linkages specifically between the United States and the Arab World.

  • We guarantee our customers with the fastest turnaround time.