"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."

    ~ Thomas A. Edison

ELAN GROUP LLC, is a strategic consulting and marketing organization founded by global brand strategists and omnichannel marketing experts.  We deliver innovative, visionary, and effective marketing strategies with tailored multicultural, multimedia, and customer-facing services for American companies seeking to expand into the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) markets, as well as MENA entities desiring entree into both public and private U.S. market sectors.

ELAN GROUP, LLC helps clients build their core businesses and identify white space opportunities to drive growth through selective expansion with products and services into new markets via exclusive partners. We combine creative ideas and strategic execution to build bold brand positioning, drive business growth, and maximize impact with a triple bottom line approach focused on people, innovation, and profit.


Whether you need to establish or reposition your company, expand your market reach, or attract and retain talent, rely on our local professionals. Our multi-stakeholder campaigns build confidence, enhance your market positioning, and elicit action among key stakeholder groups. We help organizations define and promote their corporate narrative and elevate their brand whenever and whatever the internal or external challenges.

ELAN GROUP’s forward-thinking approach improves clients market penetration, maximizes revenue growth and impact, meet today’s challenges and achieve their goals and objectives, and when needed, reimagine their businesses in a constantly changing environment. We drive digital transformation, innovation, and change management to keep you ahead of the curve.


ELAN GROUP LLC brings expertise in international business development, global marketing, and strategic planning. We specialize in public relations, marketing, business development and have experience in the defense, medical equipment & supplies  and general trades. 

We provide tailored intercultural/international marketing services to business-to-business manufacturers expanding from US to MENA as well as MENA companies wanting to enter the US market. Our team tailors your company’s content for the international buyer’s journey by translating, adapting, and localizing your inbound marketing for the MENA market. Lead generation for international manufacturers is our prime focus .

We enrich communication by providing custom-made cross-cultural services to a wide range of international companies and organizations. Our team of experts links you with your counterparts in the regions and we are capable of marketing your products via traditional and social media. 

With a variety of resources, we are able to provide exceptional networking for our clients. We focus on improving market capabilities and creating linkages specifically between the United States and the Arab World.

MENA Media Monitoring & Analysis 

Elan Group LLC offers comprehensive regional media monitoring and analysis services for businesses and organizations operating in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With a wealth of collective experience spanning 60 years, Elan Group is uniquely positioned to provide clients with informed and objective insights that are scarcely paralleled by other firms. Our physical presence in the region and extensive network of relationships with top government, business, and media leaders enable us to deliver a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape in the MENA region. We utilize advanced tools and technology to monitor and analyze media coverage, providing clients with valuable insights that inform their decision-making processes. Trust Elan Group to keep you informed and ahead of the curve in the dynamic MENA media landscape.

Security, Intelligence & Training

ELAN GROUP LLC, with partners and affiliates, provides social media/open source intelligence, advanced cyber security solutions, and security training to governments and corporate enterprises globally. Its solutions protect customers from all kinds of cyber-attacks. ELAN Group offers multi-domain security architectures,  comprehensive risk assessments and vulnerability testing, and intuitive one point of control security management systems with best-in-class custom designed security programs that optimizes clients' budgets, minimizes risk, maximizes their awareness of the information environment.

Our training programs enables organizations to gain and improve counterintelligence, security awareness, and insider threat skills sets, helping to protect digital, physical, and human assets.

12 Panel Saliva Drug Test 

The 12 Panel Saliva Drug Test is a rapid visual test for detecting drugs of abuse in human oral fluid specimens. The 12 Panel Oral Swab detects up to 12 different substances of abuse. A drug test may become necessary for several reasons: